Monday, October 8, 2018

Zulu Cut Crease Visual

Just wanted to show you guys a visual of a look I did this weekend for the beautiful Tyiekia. Unfortunately, I didn't record the entire application. I need a better set up before I can. The space I use isn't really designed for it, as I would be standing in the light. I'll figure something out shortly, though. Hope you guys like it!



Wednesday, October 3, 2018

D i r t y T h i r t y !

Dress: Pretty Little Thing • Pumps: Christian Louboutin
Milestones are sometimes scary. They remind us of those things we said we'd do, but never really quite got around too. Those things that sometimes can make you feel inadequate, especially when compared to the likes of your peers. This, for me, was NOT that. I sat back and exhaled a sigh of relief; on September 28 I turned 30 years old.

Hair: Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Amara
Earlier this month I was almost broken. My car was burglarized yet again and my identity was stolen. I had almost put my entire birthday on the back burner. My priority at the moment was regaining control of the situation and safeguarding whatever else I could in regards to being violated. I was able to replace the stolen items fairly quickly and that definitely helped to ease my mind. Having such an amazing support system also helped tremendously. I was reminded that things are just that: things. I pray we never forget that.

Top & Shorts: TJ Maxx • Sandals: Design
I was able to spend this birthday surrounded by genuine love. There were so many people that played a role in ensuring I felt nothing but appreciation and affection all the way to my core and for that, I am eternally grateful. You all made this special for me. Thank you a thousand times.

Your peace is yours; do with it as you please..



Monday, September 10, 2018

Hard Work is Easy Work

This weekend Jerm's team, the Killeen Trojans, played their first regular season game. Hard work truly pays off! The boys have been conditioning since about April and it definitely showed. They showed up and showed out beating their opponents, the Killeen Cowboys, 28-0. Jeremy played safety and he loved being on the field. I'm super proud of him and can not wait to watch him develop into the football player he is meant to be. His coaches and teammates have affectionately named him J-Dawg and this year we wear the number 28 with pride.

I have the best son. You'll never be able to change my mind.


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Nubian, af!

*Wig Details: Bobbi Boss Moonstone (color: F4/2730)

List of products used (in order):
*brows: mac eyebrow pencil (stud) + la girl pro concealer (dark cocoa)
*nyx eyeshadow base (white)
*palette: nubian by juvia’s place
*sephora foundation (deep 65 n)
*fenty beauty pro filter foundation (480)
*la girl pro concealer (dark coca)
*fenty beauty matchsticks (espresso)
*laura mercier setting powder (medium deep)
*mac powder blush (sketch)
*mac powder blush (fever)
*mario badescu facial spray (cucumber and green tea)
*wet n wild meglago highlighter (crown of my canopy)
*coloured raine liquid lipstick (tootsie)
*nyx jumbo pencil (milk)
*absolut new york duo stroke eyeliner
*lasgoos lashes via amazon (a06)

Songs (all by Pediko): I’m On It • New Gear • Ghost 

* Camera used: iPhone 8+
* Editor used: Final Cut Pro

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Best Parts..

Sometimes you have to force it. You have to fight the urge to lay in bed for days on end and make yourself get up. At times, that break from reality may be what you need, but there comes a time when you have to be real with yourself and realize that too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Revisiting the things that brought you joy previously can at times help you overcome whatever you are going through at the moment. Don't allow that weight to sit on your chest forever. Use these last few months of  2018 to further define the person you are meant to be.



Crop Top + Shorts: ROSS | Heels: JESSICA SIMPSON | Crossbody: TARGET

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Orange Crush..

*Wig Details: Bobbi Boss - Mina (color: fs4/30)

List of products used (in order):
*tarte timeless smoothing primer
*brows: mac eyebrow pencil (stud) + la girl pro concealer (dark cocoa)
*palette: magic by juvia’s place
*palette: zulu by juvia’s place
*sephora foundation (65 deep dark)
*la girl pro concealer (dark cocoa)
*laura mercier setting powder (deep)
*mac powder blush (sketch)
*mac powder blush (fever)
*mario badescu facial spray (cucumber and green tea)
*anastasia beverly hills (aurora glowkit)
*mac cosmetics lip liner (currant)
*nyx lip lingerie (05)
*nyx liquid crystal liner (crystal silk)

off camera:
*absolute new york duostroke eyeliner (black)
*lashes: lasgoos via amazon (a06)

Song [Sexy Dance by Adam O]: SoundCloud • FaceBook • Instagram

* camera used: iPhone 8+
* editor used: iMovie

Monday, August 6, 2018


Lately, I  have been working so much that I barely have the energy to give you guys the posts you deserve. As I write this I am on a 24-hour shift that will end at 6am. To say I am tired would be an understatement! I have pulled these photos from Saturday's Snapchat story in hopes that they hold you over until next time. In the meantime, leave me comments on what kind of posts you guys would like to see in the future!



HAIR:Bobbi Boss' Mina in FS4/30