Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I know I havent blogged in a LONG time so let me grace ya'll with a couple updates. i'm fine. tramaine is good. i've began the search for our home & its not as easy as i thought it would be. i mean, i could just move into base housing but whats the fun in that?! this will be my first HOUSE purchase so i plan to make it a good one for me & my family. me & maine plan to start our family within the next couple years so i DEFINITELY take this to heart. i'm also about to purchase another car. i'm thinking something along the lines of a BMW/AUDI.. i mean, i live in Germany so why not?! babe wants a Lexus but i havent seen too many of those here. i guess that'll have to be determined at a later date. our 1 year anniversary is also coming up! one of many gifts i plan to give my babe is me dropping my maiden name (since i had it hyphenated). it was SUPPOSED to be a suprise but we played a little guessing game & babe figured it out sooooo..... thats about it for now. maybe more later :o) ciao!


ask. tell. assume.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

advice please!

i'm usually the type of person to figure stuff out on my own but this one's stumping me. i consider myself average (in terms of height & weight).. for my own personal reasons i've been trying different things with my diet & fitness. at one point, i wanted to gain some weight (in hopes that it would all float to my ass & hips, lol). well, that didnt work out exactly as planned. i've been running regularly & my peers are noticing the difference. my body is looking amazing (if i do say so myself :o) lol). what i want to know is this:


how do i slim that?! any suggestions?! all help greatly appreciated...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

in my skin.

i've been called every name in the book. it doesn't bother me and it doesn't get me down. i kinda like it. i've had ppl go out there way to anonymously tell me these things. thats the morale booster for me. i think VERY highly of myself. i'm comfortable in my skin & i like ME the way I am. why should i be unhappy with the person that i have to look at in the mirror daily?! thats absurd.

i live w/o regrets. sure, everyone says it but i ACTUALLY live it. if you were having fun while you were doing it & it brought you pleasure why deny it?! i'm honest with myself. that why i can laugh when ppl think they're "telling me something new" about myself. no one knows me better than me.. this is why i appreciate "haters". just b/c someone disagrees with me doesn't classify them as a hater, in my book. thats not where i'm going with this. i call you a hater if you smiled in my face & secretly plotted my demise. i call you a hater if you grudgingly wanted what i had & let your envy overcome you. man, i could go on forever...

really though, we all have a little bit of hate in us. its what drives us sometimes to be great. boundaries are what set us apart though. i don't grudge. you never know what someone had to do (or who they had to fuck, lol) to get where they're at. thats why i work so hard. i know what i'm doing. i know where i'm at. & i know where i'm going.

Friday, January 1, 2010

1.1.2010 ♥

Southpole top . Jeans - ?! . Nine West Fandango Sandals