Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nothing amazing..

After work, and an GREAT PT session, I finally got my ass back registered in school! Me and Schwerdt decided to go to the pool so he could "tan".. I dont understand that whole concept by the way (seeing as I've never had to tan my entire life). So you LET yourself burn?! Hmph.. Anyway, the Israeli's always seem to be partying at the pool. Or at the beach.. So we stayed there a good 4 hours flipping & splashing & swimming & diving our asses off. When all the Israeli's left, Schwerdt layed out for his tan & I took a nap. Came back, showered & washed my hair, popped in the movie Gladiator & layed down. I probably lasted 15 minutes into it, smh..

Srry, no pix since pictures arent allowed on post..

So, now I wake up @ 2:02am, call my fam cause its afternoon in the states. Talk to my husband (who's currently in Iraq) & check my email.. Got an email telling me to read some lame ass blog bout me.. btw, thnks grl! I'm flattered you put so much time & details into it! I loved it, its good reading material! I hope you get a Pulitzer! [How you talk shit bout the ppl that took you in?!] =) Anyway, I gotta go buy a gift for my mother-in-law & sister [idk why, I just felt like I should..] Soooooooooo, hasta manana!! <----God bless Spanish class <(^_^)>

Monday, June 29, 2009

idk, but I like it..

I just LOVE these two as a couple! Her style is bananas.. Looks 100% better then chics w/ these $500 weaves & she rocking a plain old blonde Caesar! Crazy, I know but I'm def digging it...

[edit] I'm cold as f**k right now. Because of the systems I use for work, the room has to stay cool so the systems dont fry.. I wish these systems were warm blooded though! I'm bought to catch frostbite! Ugh.. [/edit]

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just for you..

This one is mos def dedicated to my husband, Tramaine. We've been threw alot &you've stuck by me threw it all. I've def met my match! You were tailored by God just for me & 3.3.2009♥ we def took a step in the right direction! I love you baby!

For the last time..

Why must ppl continue to provoke me?! I've played nice. I've let shit slide. But enough is enough. I've decided that whatever happens, happens. By that, I mean I will make sure that I beat you half to death so that you will no longer continue to talk shit to me. Because I have truly reach the end of my rope.

I will personally make it my mission to... Almost got carried away! Cant say those things on the internet! Dont wanna get caught up, now do we?! LoL.. Gotta remember to watch my words. I will say this, however: You have met the right one. See, I never actually showed you just how I get down. Just how lethal I can be. That shit in the past was nothing. We stepping the game up T-1000. It seems like everybody have strength for little old me, but when you was getting your ass handled in Rainbow with a hand full of $7 items, you was on the hush. Damn, I just don't understand it..

Dont hide behind the lyrics of songs, trying to use them to gain leverage on your lies. Your "big face hundreds" don't compare to my VISA logo sweetie. See, the thing about having a job that gives you $10,000 bonus every year is this: I got $$$.. The only ppl that have to parade around ever time they buy something is the ppl that ain't never had shit. Feel me?!

I feel like I can show you better than I can tell you though. So I'll keep in touch..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

in the beginning..

So I broke down & finally decided to get one.. Hope this is the start of something great! I've seen some amazing blogs on this site & I def HAD to be a part of it. I hope everyone enjoys a little piece of my world.. &nd if not WHO GiVES A SHiT?! LoL..

^^November '07