Monday, April 18, 2016

Back in the Sunshine State

Our little vacay back to Florida for a couple days was short and sweet. Filled with family, close friends and lots of warm weather. The atmosphere there is just so different than it is here in Texas. Although we weren't able to eat all the yummy things we wanted and visit all the places we wanted too, we made the most of the time we had.

On the way into Tampa, Jeremy was invited into the cockpit of our flight by the pilot and attendants. He had so much fun interacting with the pilot and telling everyone to "ENJOY YOUR TRIP" over the intercom! It was such a beautiful way to begin our time away.

While there, we were able to spend time with close friends and family. Until now, Jeremy thought he only had 2 cousins! It was quite a shock for him to meet all these new people who had been watching him grow for these past four (almost 5!) years. Most of all, I was excited to spend time with one of my most favorite cousins, Thalia (who just so happens to read my blog). Hey Thal!

Isn't she gorgeous?! *heart eyes emoji*
But seriously, I was having such a good time being back in Florida that I didnt take my usual thousand pictures. We just enjoyed the time spent with the people we care about. And that break was just what I needed to keep my sanity. I absolutely can not wait for my next visit! Until next time...