Thursday, March 31, 2011

My first MAC Haul!

So, as I said in the previous posts I plan to get back into my blogging! What better way to start out than with an update of my most recent purchase?! Now normally I'm not a "make-up" wearer, but since the "joys" of motherhood have hit me I've started experimenting. Everyone always talks about how pregnancy "clears up your skin" but to be honest, my skin was already clear so I had an alternate effect: I broke out. Sad, I know but I embrace this in strides.. I've dabbled with other products here and there (which I'll blog or vlog at a later date, but for now I'll start with the products I received today.
  • Studio Tech Foundation $29.50
  • Chromaline - Pure White $17.50
  • Select Cover Up $16.50
  • Eye Brow Pencil - Stud $15.00
I'll blog more about these products once I test them out (which will probably be this weekend for my baby shower). I cant wait! Here are few photos I've taken of the product though:

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Back! ♥

I haven't blogged in such a long time and I feel like I'm overflowing with emotions! My son will be here in less than 2 months, my baby shower is in a few days, and I've done a bit of traveling over the past month. I also purchased a new MacBook Pro which I'm completely in love with! I've been exploring it, and I've even created a website via iWeb (planning to publish it in the future!). I plan to use it to document my son's growth along with travels and what not. I guess that's what this blogger started as, but somewhere in the hype everything was lost in translation. I'd created a personal blog as well, which I still use when I need to vent the ULTRA personal tribulations in my life, so that's also where I've been spending my time. Hopefully though, I can get back into the swing of things...

workplace tiffs.

So there's this Chief at my job and I swear she's either a low key racist or just a straight up hater. She always has something NEGATIVE to say. & in reality, the pot shouldn't call the kettle black bc her promiscuity is NO SECRET, but that's another blog entry. She constantly calls me fat, WHICH IS OKAY bc I'm 8 months pregnant. Why would I get mad?! That's not the point though. Today she made a comment of me being a "welfare child" bc I said I wasn't going to cook for the week being that babe is in the field. Woah, bitch. Welfare?! My family's income was always too high to receive government assistance so I let it roll. Then she proceeded to comment on how my body will be marred with stretch marks postpartum. Hold on, you didn't think I expected that?! I have a little human inside me for Christ's sake. & the fact that I had stretch marks PREVIOUS to pregnancy (on my hips and thighs) kind of gave me a clue. I wish she'd hurry up and change duty station. Honestly, I'm just tired of dealing with her.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Edelweiss Resort and Lodge

Things haven't been to “peachy” in the Nick household as of late, so Tramaine and I were selected (among others in the unit) to attend a weekend marriage retreat at the lovely Edelweiss Resort and Lodge in Garmisch. Although the bus ride to the resort was filled with screaming children and uncomfortable seats the view was breath-taking. The resort was gorgeous and very accommodating. And the marriage seminars were spectacular. I don't think I could have had a better time. Tramaine and I spent some time in the hot tub, had wonderful meals together and even caught up on a few levels of Angry Birds! Edelweiss will always have my vote!

Friday, March 4, 2011


For our 2nd wedding anniversary Tramaine and I decided to take a day tour out to “The City of Love” or Paris, France! We left Kaiserslautern via bus at about 4 am & arrived in Paris a little before 10 am. We spent the day enjoying the beautiful architecture that the city had to offer. Apart from the fact that I was almost 8 months pregnant and COLD, I had an amazing time! I cant wait to go back.