Thursday, November 20, 2014

Date Night

top and jeans: EXPRESS | pumps: SHOE DAZZLE
We all have that "go to" outfit and for me, this is it. It pretty much consists of some sort of top, jeans and a cute pair of sky-high heels. I actually purchased these beauties over 3 years ago, and have only donned them a few times. They are perfect accessory. & fairly comfortable. After dinner, we decided to take the kiddo to Chuck E. Cheese [where a kid can be a kid, lol] and being the big kids we are, we joined in on the fun.. See our pic below. 



Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mommy's little Batman

With all the moving, I forgot to show you guys what Jeremy picked as his Halloween costume! Last year, his Cookie Monster costume was a big hit. He wanted to show everyone that he was a "big boy" and this is how he did it. Originally, we purchased a costume from Walmart, but it proved way too big. In the end, I ordered this one from Target online. We ended up getting double duty out of this costume: on Thursday at the Trunk or Treat on post (pictured above) and Friday trick or treating in our neighborhood.



Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home update

This past weekend I made the 5 hour relocation from Killeen to Texarkana, Texas and moved into my new place. Now, I will admit: after living in a four bedroom house, apartment living does take some getting used too. I've already moved all the major furniture pieces so I'll continue to update the blog as I transform each room. So far, the dining area is about 90% finished. All we're missing is some wall art and a center piece.

Cant wait to continue!


Christmas wishlist

Untitled #9

Hey, a girl can dream..