Sunday, February 23, 2014

Light the Way to the Deals!

Now that I'm a home owner, I find myself fawning over more and more decor items. My Pinterest account [link in the sidebar] is now filled with more and more decor pins and I seem to be drawn to that part of any store I enter. There's something about feeling at peace when you walk thru your front door that appeals to me, and thanks to HGTV I cant get that out of my head! I know this process will take time but as anxious as I am, it has already begun!

Bethany Table Lamp Set | One Kings Lane | $249

I fell in love with the above lamps while browsing One Kings Lane and have since been trying to find something comparable. Lets be real, I'm a mom of a very stylish 2 year old. Could I really justify spending $249 on lamps?! Probably not. And so the journey began. I started searching the sites hoping to see something that would catch my eye and wouldn't you know it?! Target came thru for me! I'm so pleased to tell you that I got this replica lamps for $29.99! Who doesnt love a good deal?! My total cost for a set of 2 was $93.96, seeing as the bases and shades are sold separately. Shades were $16.99.

Total savings: $155.04!

Happy Hunting,


Thursday, February 20, 2014

instaLove ❤

Its been so long! So much has happened over the holidays and since I had some time today I told myself I would commit to writing a blog post. Remember that news I had a couple months ago, but didnt want to speak on it just yet?! Well, here it is:

I closed on my first home!!

Honestly, we just felt like it was time. I'm now the owner of a beautifully constructed 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, single level, open concept new construction. I've watched his house build from a plot of dirt to what it is today and I couldnt be any prouder. & with my family at my sides I know it was an awesome decision. I've also registered to go back to school. I don't want to miss another opportunity to take advantage of everything my career path has to offer. My future daughter also spent some time with us over the holidays & the time spent is something we'll never forget..
1. Thanksgiving Day, on my way to my boss/friend's home to eat wonderful food.
2. Celebratory chicken sandwiches from Chic-fil-a on CLOSE DAY!
3. Beautiful date with my love.
4. At my love's Christmas party for work.
5. Our beautiful blended family on Thanksgiving Day.
6. My future daughter, Marissa.
7. My handsome son, Jeremy, the day after Christmas. We were going to the Mavericks game in Dallas.
8. My also handsome baby brother, Glenn. He spent the holidays with us as well.
9. My first DIY! We installed our own hardware.



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