Sunday, May 25, 2014

a 2 week wrap-up!

  1. Shawny got a 2014 Ford F-150 XLT after his previous truck was totalled in a car accident!
  2. At the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona after the funeral ceremony
  3. Jeremy was very dapper. 
  4. Jeremy loved swimming in Leslie's pool. Couldn't keep him away from it!
  5. With Shawny's little sister, Mariah, on our way to the nail salon.
  6. Shawny took all the babies to Cold Stones! They loved it. 
  7. Selfie!
  8. There's no Krispy Kreme in Killeen! Had to indulge while passing thru El Paso.
  9. Love this silly baby!
Enjoy your family and freinds!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Printed Tops & Ripped Jeans

Busy, busy, busy. I maintain that I'll continue to blog though. Right now, with so many things going on in my life, its my only release. This weekend the family will be going out of town to pay our respects to my fiance's grandfather so we've been preparing for that as well. Sometimes, it's the little things that take the edge off of life. For me, on this day it was big hair and high waisted jeans. I've had these velcro sneaker wedges for quite some time now, but never had any idea on how to style them. I guess lately I've been pulling out all those neglected pieces from the back of my closet to give them a little summertime loving.

Ross crop top . Naked Wardrobe jeans . sneaker wedges purchased in Germany

What are you guys' plans for this weekend?! I'd love to know.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

a Stepford Wife's dream

Almost 3 years ago when I became a mom I had no idea what was in store, but with the kid I've got, it's been amazing. My son is intelligent. & loving. & addicted to lip balm, lol. But he's mine and I wouldnt trade him for the world. This weekend I channeled my inner KT of KTRstyle for the Mother's Day dinner my family had planned. Would you believe that I've had this dress for almost 6 years and this is my first time wearing it?! When I purchased it, my roommate told me how ugly it was and I immediately dismissed it to the back of the closet. I guess the jokes on her. Who has the fashion blog now?! :) I kid. I do however love this dress all over again. & do you see my love in his little Nautica shorts set?! *insert heart eyes here* lol 

Victoria Secret dress . Louis Vuitton bag | Nautica short set & boat shoes

Jeremy's 3rd birthday is tomorrow! Oh how time flies..


Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Wishlist

A few of these items are definitely summer staples! Boyfriend jeans and maxi skirts are definitely at the top of the list. & whose wish list doesn't include a pair of nude Pigalle 120mm Christian Louboutins?! Topshop carries a variety of boyfriend jeans and each pair seems just as comfortable as the next. OneStopPlus can supply you with plus size options that are light and flowy for this summer as well. Tunics, maxis and adorable swimsuit cover-ups. I'm also a complete Michael Kors addict. Some of these items would absolutely be a splurge, but hey, I figure thats why you call it a wish list. Until next time, enjoy the rest of your week dolls!



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life via the Gram..

 photo 923867AE-CF70-4C9C-A354-E17D02A901C8_zpsqb8fxh2e.jpg

Life for me has taken a very interesting turn. I received an email saying that the Army has selected me to attend school to become a Recruiter! Becoming a recruiter is one of the most sought after jobs in the military and someone somewhere decided that this would be my next move. Really, I can only thank God. I didn't request this, but how do you reject this type of opportunity?! On top of this, work has been SUPER hectic. We have events every day next week and we've been prepping non-stop. & to top it all off, my son's birthday is next Wednesday. For the record, he says he want cupcakes for his birthday. Or a red airplane.

This weekend we went to Sea Word one day and fishing the next. Here's a few shots from that. What do you guys do when you need to unwind?! I'd love to know!



Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bright Whites

Nothing can put you in a more glorious mood than a bright white dress. Personally, I love a good white dress. I wear one every year for my birthday and its a tradition that I find joy in. This dress was actually my birthday dress last year, and perfectly made the transitioned from night to day to allow me to worship in the House of The Lord on Resurrection Sunday. In case you are wondering, my dress is from Fly Nation, My clutch is by Michael Kors and my sandals are by Jessica Simpson.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

April is gone and this week is almost over, dolls! & in 13 days my baby will be 3! Where has the time gone?!