Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jolly Green Dolly

I'm not sure how many times one person can apologize for their lack of posts, but I'm sure I'm breaking some kind of record. I'M SORRY! As much as I tell myself that I have to get off my lazy rumpus and blog something, my lack of motivation wouldn't let me. Dont worry, I've had you guys in my heart and I finally found the enthusiasm. Lately, I've surrounded myself with encouraging people; people that only want the best for me. I've been in contact more often with my family, which also helps to keep me grounded.

These pictures were taken last weekend from my friend Brittany's babyshower. We are patiently waiting for baby boy Elijah's arrival and with 3 girls already at home, I'm sure mommy and daddy cant wait for baby boy to get here! The weather is very iffy here in Germany, and this just happened to be one of the warmer days. I hope you guys enjoy!

H&M top. Michael Kors jeans/watch. Dior sunnies. Coach sandals (not pictured)