Friday, July 30, 2010


Disloyal. That's how you described me. That shit is unreal to me. Me. Glenesse. Disloyal. That shit dont even go together! Saying that I set you up cut me deep. I didn't introduce you two. idk how you guys even met. She asked me about you before you guys started messing though. I told her the truth. You got a big dick but you can't f-ck. Straight pound game. Whatever. You "chased" her. & "If you're not married your single because that's how you file taxes" will always be a classic. You pursued her even though you had a girl. Maybe I should have said something once I found out, but I felt that wasnt my lane. I had no idea that you were going to be "Kat Stacks'd" but honestly that was noone's fault but your own. You set yourself up. You opened yourself up when you pursued someone else. & the same way you pursued her, you pursued me too. April 8, 2006 was the first time we ever had sex. I remember because it was senior year and 2 days before we went to Carambola for your birthday. I was wearing multicolored striped Victoria Secret panties. When I told you I still had them but was about to throw them out you gave me your address and said to send them. Creepy, but whatever. I would confide in you while my husband was deployed. Obvioulsy a mistake. You tried to shimmy your faggot ass back into my life. You were with your baby moms at the time. Remember that?! Am I lieing?! If you feel that any of this is untrue feel free to stop me at anytime. When Tramaine asked me to marry him I was at a fucked up place in life: torn between 2 people I cared about. I needed an outside opinion. The breakup between me and Randy (or better known to the world as Ruthless) was bad, but I have the utmost respect for him. When we got back on speaking terms I asked him if he had written a "diss track" for me. When he told me he hadnt I was suprised as f-ck! He said it didnt make sense because: 1. I cant respond back and 2. That shit would have been childish on his part. So, as I said before, I respect him for that. You on the other hand, not so much. You're trying to camoflauge the fact that you cheated and got caught out of your own selfishness. There's sooo much more shit I wanted to say, but I'll simmer down for now...

ps -- De'ala, if your're reading this, I never came at you sideways. It gave me a fucked up feeling inside that you think I had something to do with that messy ass situation. I could care less if we never speak again, because no one person runs this show. Just felt that you should hear BOTH sides.