Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fort Hood :o(

as ya'll know, i am a soldier in the United States Army. i really had to gather my thoughts before i touched on this.. 13 dead?! 31 injured?! my ♥ broke when i heard about this. soldiers should NEVER experience this at the hand of a fellow service member. this tragic event hit home for me:
1. because my husband is stationed there (he's currently deployed though)
2. i was supposed to be stationed there but the paperwork wasnt done in time.
3. i got married there.
what really ANNOYS the fckn piss outta me though is that all the ppl that are analyzing & giving opinions about the situation and talking shit about soldiers have:
1. have NEVER had post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd).
2. have never deployed.
3. never served in the military
what THEE fck can you tell me (& the rest of America for that matter) about something you know NOTHING about. how can you sit here and talk shit about the ppl who risk there lives to make sure your country stays free?! how can you blame the actions of 1 sickly screwed up person on the ENTIRE military?! My condolensences to the families of the victims. Noone should ever have to experience that. your supposed to be able to trust/depend on your fellow soldiers to bring you home safely. To see someone with soo much rank & time in service do something that selfish & stupid hurts.. i hope he dies a SLOW & PAiNFUL death.