Monday, January 11, 2010

in my skin.

i've been called every name in the book. it doesn't bother me and it doesn't get me down. i kinda like it. i've had ppl go out there way to anonymously tell me these things. thats the morale booster for me. i think VERY highly of myself. i'm comfortable in my skin & i like ME the way I am. why should i be unhappy with the person that i have to look at in the mirror daily?! thats absurd.

i live w/o regrets. sure, everyone says it but i ACTUALLY live it. if you were having fun while you were doing it & it brought you pleasure why deny it?! i'm honest with myself. that why i can laugh when ppl think they're "telling me something new" about myself. no one knows me better than me.. this is why i appreciate "haters". just b/c someone disagrees with me doesn't classify them as a hater, in my book. thats not where i'm going with this. i call you a hater if you smiled in my face & secretly plotted my demise. i call you a hater if you grudgingly wanted what i had & let your envy overcome you. man, i could go on forever...

really though, we all have a little bit of hate in us. its what drives us sometimes to be great. boundaries are what set us apart though. i don't grudge. you never know what someone had to do (or who they had to fuck, lol) to get where they're at. thats why i work so hard. i know what i'm doing. i know where i'm at. & i know where i'm going.