Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Relaxer Update - 26 February

Since deciding to start my hair journey last year I've had 2 relaxers. I stretched my last relaxer for 5 months with the help of a sew-in and senegalese twists. According to My Commitment I've achieved my short term goal! FULL SHOULDER LENGTH! My hair was visibly uneven before, and I absolutely love how it looks and feels now. For the first time ever I put my hair in a bun without weave! Here's a comparison picture:

From June to February, what a difference! I'm very pleased with my results and this is just the motivation I needed to stick with it. This go around, I used Optimum regular strength relaxer. For drying, I wrapped my hair and sat under my Revlon Amber Waves hair dryer. I'm definitely sticking with it after this!