Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's almost over...

The entire summer. of 2013. NOT. ONE. POST. This summer has been the worst of my life, but still the most productive. I tried to be a good person and was taken advantage of by my ex-husband for the last time. We agreed that Jeremy would stay with him for 3 weeks and right before that time period was over he told I would not get my baby back! Crazy, right?! As crazy as that was, a long summer ensued. We went to court, I was awarded custody and although I had to move into a new home alone while Jeremy stayed the summer in less than favorable conditions, I have him now and thats all that matters. I have no words for my ex in-laws. NONE. With that out of the way, we are now attempting to adjust to the Texas heat! Jeremy loves his new school and things are smooth, for now. There is even more exciting news to share, but I cant tell what it is just yet. Just know that in true absoluteDOLL fashion, IT IS MAJOR! (c: Whelp, here's a little picture therapy:



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