Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nothing amazing..

After work, and an GREAT PT session, I finally got my ass back registered in school! Me and Schwerdt decided to go to the pool so he could "tan".. I dont understand that whole concept by the way (seeing as I've never had to tan my entire life). So you LET yourself burn?! Hmph.. Anyway, the Israeli's always seem to be partying at the pool. Or at the beach.. So we stayed there a good 4 hours flipping & splashing & swimming & diving our asses off. When all the Israeli's left, Schwerdt layed out for his tan & I took a nap. Came back, showered & washed my hair, popped in the movie Gladiator & layed down. I probably lasted 15 minutes into it, smh..

Srry, no pix since pictures arent allowed on post..

So, now I wake up @ 2:02am, call my fam cause its afternoon in the states. Talk to my husband (who's currently in Iraq) & check my email.. Got an email telling me to read some lame ass blog bout me.. btw, thnks grl! I'm flattered you put so much time & details into it! I loved it, its good reading material! I hope you get a Pulitzer! [How you talk shit bout the ppl that took you in?!] =) Anyway, I gotta go buy a gift for my mother-in-law & sister [idk why, I just felt like I should..] Soooooooooo, hasta manana!! <----God bless Spanish class <(^_^)>