Saturday, September 19, 2009


I started feeling like it was about time I blogged about something. I didn't know what yet, until i logged onto the INTERNATIONALLY known []. Now I'm sitting here like WHAT THE FCK?! Since the internet is the new HOME OF THE BRAVE "twitter battling" and "internet beef" has become the new craze. Its really sweeping the nation too. Characters that would NEVER approach you face to face or even breathe in your direction now hide behind the shield of their keyboard and mouse. So your brave now?! Hmmmn. Riddle me this Batman: WOULD BE AS BRAVE W/O THE TECHNOLOGY?! Would you say the same things in person as you do over the world wide web?! If not, shut the fck up. & sit the fck down. Everybody's "real" in the comfort of their own home. Its what you do out in the real world that would determine your persona. Stop immitating these rappers, they gone get you fck'd up, lol. They got guards and $$$ to hide behind. Your average ass out in the open. So sit and ponder that..