Tuesday, September 1, 2009

real vs realer.

i heard an ignorant hoe say that wearing weave, tips and lashes makes you "fake". Hmmmn. I guess there are A LOT of fake ppl in the world. The industry is OVERRUN with "fake"people. Beyonce, Lauren London, Nia Long, Tyra Banks, Keyshia Cole, Trina & Nicki Minaj all wear extensions and lashes. & who DOESN'T get their nails done?! so the synthetics affect your personality?! That's new to me. Ignorant statements like those are what set us back as a race. The sad thing is these coon ass females make up little excuses in their own minds to justify their ignorance. Obviously, the one ignorant hoe made the statement because I wear weave, lashes and get my nails and toes done. but, I now pose this question: AM I REAL NOW BECAUSE I HAVEN'T WORN WEAVE, LASHES OR TIPS IN ALMOST A YEAR?! lol. I already told these silly females to stop talking bout shit from last year. If you want to insult me (btw, POSITIVELY UNLIKELY) talk about something current. Until then, you DON'T impress me.