Monday, December 14, 2009

soldier shit.

if you have a spouse, sibling or friend deployed down range (Iraq/Afghanistan) what i'm about to blog might strike you as strange. as a soldier i support President Obama. maybe its because of my job. even though i can be deployed, once i get there i'll more than likely stay on base.. unless i volunteer for a convoy or something i don't have to leave. soldiers mindsets are different than civilians. yeah, we'll bitch and complain about it but when the 1st & 15th roll around we're all smiles. money isn't everything but it sure does help your situation. soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan receive tax free pay, family separation pay, imminent danger pay & the list goes on and on. we're TRAINED for this.

i remember sitting around the TV at the time of the election with my unit. you wouldn't believe how many ppl didn't want President Obama to win just because of the fact that he was talking about pulling soldiers from Iraq & Afghanistan. this is what some of us live for. you know how many soldiers have paid of their cars/homes just by doing a 12 month tour?! the best thing you can do for a soldier downrange is be supportive. they need that. emotionally & spiritually your support is what keeps them sane.