Sunday, February 23, 2014

Light the Way to the Deals!

Now that I'm a home owner, I find myself fawning over more and more decor items. My Pinterest account [link in the sidebar] is now filled with more and more decor pins and I seem to be drawn to that part of any store I enter. There's something about feeling at peace when you walk thru your front door that appeals to me, and thanks to HGTV I cant get that out of my head! I know this process will take time but as anxious as I am, it has already begun!

Bethany Table Lamp Set | One Kings Lane | $249

I fell in love with the above lamps while browsing One Kings Lane and have since been trying to find something comparable. Lets be real, I'm a mom of a very stylish 2 year old. Could I really justify spending $249 on lamps?! Probably not. And so the journey began. I started searching the sites hoping to see something that would catch my eye and wouldn't you know it?! Target came thru for me! I'm so pleased to tell you that I got this replica lamps for $29.99! Who doesnt love a good deal?! My total cost for a set of 2 was $93.96, seeing as the bases and shades are sold separately. Shades were $16.99.

Total savings: $155.04!

Happy Hunting,