Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fashionablly Fabulous kids in Okinawa Japan

From big sun hats, beanies, jellies, sundresses and Nikes, Amerah and Ameenah stay trendy. With the help of Old Navy, Children's Place and Foot Locker the options are endless online but here in Okinawa, Japan options are few. To keep both girls ahead of their peers I shop online. Amerah (the older of the two) is more the sundress, skirt and sandals type, where as Ameenah is a Nike and shorts kind of girl. Most of the time when posting their pictures people tell me they should model kids clothing. Hmmmmm, thinking about it, it's not a bad idea! I also try to dress them age appropriately, because sometimes I see kids in clothes that I would wear! Not Amerah and Ameenah though, they still keep it trendy and fabulous!

*posted by Vera