Wednesday, October 7, 2009

comPROMISE :o)

I believe its Katt Williams who said "don't leave a nigga that 95% good". Well, I honestly cosign the shit outta that statement. Relationships aren't perfect. They'll never be. They're not supposed to be. How can you grow if there isn't a heated debate every now and then?! Now, once physical violence presents itself, RUN. &nd don't turn back. Been there, done that, bought the shirt. What I'm saying is this: if you have a REAL man on your hands, one who takes care of his business [bills, family, etc.] but you don't like the way he's always watching football (or some other random shit) maybe you should reevaluate yourself. Try and enjoy things WITH your man. Sit your ass down & try WATCHING games with him. Try LEARNING how to play Madden. See where I'm going with this?! Your relationship is as good as you make it. You should be trying to enjoy every bit of each others time. &nd even if a argument or 2 creeps in, just remember this: breakup 2 makeup. cause aint nothing like some wild MONKEY sex after a heated argument. lol