Thursday, October 22, 2009


i hate being dependent. point blank. i know men are supposed to "take care of you" but fck all that. noone does anything out of the kindness of their heart. they will always want something in return & honestly, i'm not one for the pressure. fck that. thats why i appreciate the fact that i can swipe my OWN shit. thats the reason i've had a job since i was 17. thats the reason i go to school. even though i'm married and all that, i dont NEED to be. i'd stand on my own 2 just fine. it just dont sit well with me that my vagina (or me in general, for that matter) would be worth the same as a diamond necklace or a pair of shoes. relationships (to me, anyway) are basically socially accepted prostitution. basically: if you arent fckn for immediate gain, your trying to get something later down the line. its that simple. but hey, take if for what its worth..