Monday, March 28, 2011

workplace tiffs.

So there's this Chief at my job and I swear she's either a low key racist or just a straight up hater. She always has something NEGATIVE to say. & in reality, the pot shouldn't call the kettle black bc her promiscuity is NO SECRET, but that's another blog entry. She constantly calls me fat, WHICH IS OKAY bc I'm 8 months pregnant. Why would I get mad?! That's not the point though. Today she made a comment of me being a "welfare child" bc I said I wasn't going to cook for the week being that babe is in the field. Woah, bitch. Welfare?! My family's income was always too high to receive government assistance so I let it roll. Then she proceeded to comment on how my body will be marred with stretch marks postpartum. Hold on, you didn't think I expected that?! I have a little human inside me for Christ's sake. & the fact that I had stretch marks PREVIOUS to pregnancy (on my hips and thighs) kind of gave me a clue. I wish she'd hurry up and change duty station. Honestly, I'm just tired of dealing with her.