Thursday, April 28, 2011

2nd time this week..

So this is the 2nd package this week that has come for my son! I swear this child gets more mail than me, lol! As I said previously though, I'm always grateful. Jeremy's aunt, my sister Nisan sent him a gorgeous Eddie Bauer diaper bag filled with clothing ranging from 6-18 months. I cant wait for him to grow! He has the most dapper Perry Ellis suit imaginable! She had also ordered him the matching Eddie Bauer travel system (car seat and stroller) and play pen, but Sears is having trouble telling us exaclty when it's supposed to arrive. This poses a problem because: 1 - I'm full term and cant leave the hospital with out a carseat and 2 - it was ordered almost 2 months ago. In nice terms, she's LIVID and has even written a letter to the CEO of Sears. At any rate, here's what he got: