Friday, April 15, 2011

Crib Commotion.

I've been having this back and forth fiasco with my beloved Amazon for almost 2 months now regarding my son's crib. The item was too big to be shipped to me overseas so it was returned. Supposedly, its been sitting at their warehouse since 12 April but they haven't "offloaded their inventory" so I cant receive a refund. It's all a crock of bullshit if you ask me. But anyhow, tomorrow Jessica and I will be going to the world renowned IKEA to see if I can purchase one locally. I've fell completely head over heals in love with espresso colored wood, so hopefully I can find a crib in that finish. The only hurtle I can foresee is that darker woods are not a favorite among Germans; most of their wood has a lighter finish to it. At this point however, I'm willing to adjust my sails and just ride with it. Although my due date isn't until 12 May, I'm now considered full term so I'm ready to get this crib debacle over with.

Delta Shelby Crib and Changer, Espresso - now $274.95

[edit!] So Jessica and I actually decided to give the PX one more try (they were previously out of stock) before driving to out IKEA and wouldn't you know?! There was a dark crib and changing table available! It didn't come in a set like my previous option, but they compliment each other well. The reviews on my original choice were also horrible! Previous patrons complained on the quality of the crib and how difficult construction was. I had also researched the IKEA cribs online and quite frankly I thought they were all hideous so that puts me in an even better place with this purchase!

Concord Classic Crib - $139.99

SOHO Changing Table - $149.97