Monday, September 19, 2011

Additions to my Regimen

Luster's Pink, Classic Light
Replaced the ORS Olive Oil moisturizer with this. I felt like the ORS was too heavy for my thin hair. This doesn't weigh my hair down & it feels MUCH healthier in my opinion. Definitely think this was a good choice...

Carol's Daughter: Tui Hair Oil
I use this to seal my hair & I really like how it feels. Its not too heavy,  in terms of "oil".  Adds a gorgeous glow to my hair.

Carol's Daughter: Mimosa Hair Honey
After trying this in store, I HAD TO BUY IT. My hair had a little frizz going & the associate suggested I try it. I rubbed a little over my hair and right before my eyes my hair looked like it was FRESHLY IRONED! Whoa. Leaving w/o buying it would have been criminal at that point.

Carol's Daughter Leave-In Conditioner
A couple of spritzes before I detangle or brush/comb threw my hair always does the trick! And it smells awesome!

HE Long Term Relationship: Split End Protector
I honestly dont know what this is doing for my hair, but I like to add some type of product to my before brushing/combing. I just feel like it'll break less if its not as dry, you know?! And it smells really good!

Dr Miracle's Temple & Nape Gro Balm
I honestly think this product helped my edges! Bc I cant wear my hair down at work, This is essential in making sure I dont loose my hairline after constantly pulling my hair back. It works sort of like an edge control while also adding a bit of shine. Its a little greasy and smells horrible, but I can deal with that, I guess.