Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oyin Handmade

After seeing them featured on Morgan's blog Vintage Bell (click here for the direct link to the post) I decided to give Oyin Handmade a shot. I purchased 3 products and have been using them since. Here's a little bit of history directly from their site:

Oyin Handmade was born in winter 2001 when Jamyla started sharing her all-natural bodycare products with a small circle of family and friends. From there, it moved to fairs and shows, and the website was launched in spring of 2003. Joined by her husband and partner Pierre… and over the years by a slowly growing, dedicated, and brilliant team of Oyin HoneyBees… and a somewhat distracting but super fun new HoneyBaby born in 2008, we work to bring love-filled, natural products from our hands to yours. Come join Oyin in the fight against ash and the quest for a more supple world.

Oyin Handmade bases most (if not all) of there products with honey. I purchased the Juice and Berries nourishing herbal leave-in, the Honey Hemp Conditioner,  and the Head to Toe Honey Wash. I havent tried the Honey Hemp Conditioner yet because I'm still wearing my sew-in from my birthday, but I use the Juice and Berries spray daily. Even on the weave, its phenomenal. I'm absolutely in love with it. The Head to Toe wash didn't impress me as much. It's a product that supposed to double as a body wash and a shampoo, but I'm going to use it solely as a shampoo. Its too light, in my opinion, to use as a body wash. There's just not enough suds for me. Either way, click the pictures to purchase.