Saturday, March 15, 2014

He loved the ducks..

I absolutely CAN NOT believe these pictures never made it to the blog! Now, that I think about it, after having the worst summer of my life, I see how this was overlooked. I grew up in a household where there were tons of family pictures and I want to provide that same atmosphere for my son, so every so often I match our outifts and drag us out to someones photography studio to get portraits.

Because we were scheduled to leave Germany at the top of the summer, this was the perfect opportunity to get in front of the lense of the amazing Amanda of De Vos Photography! I originally met her through a mutual friend (hey Jaci hunny!) and once I saw her work, the film spoke for its self. She took the family out to Sewoog Lake in Germany and here's what resulted! Enjoy..

about a month after his 2nd birthday

My favorite guy ♥

Jeremy wanted to go into the lake and play with the ducks! We got him to give up eventually..