Thursday, April 3, 2014

Home Field Disadvantage

I'm the second from the right.

Let me start off by saying we are okay. My family is okay. It was about 4:30pm when I heard there had been a shooting. My first thoughts were "I have to get off-base! They are going to lock it down." & thats exactly what I tried to do. On my way out I stopped to tell my coworker who was bogged down at her desk that we needed to leave. IMMEDIATELY. I hit the front door and picked up a dead sprint to my car all the way across the parking lot. & just as I was on my way off the post, 300 meters from the main gate of Fort Hood, the barriers went up. We were locked down.

"SHELTER-IN-PLACE, seek shelter immediately, close doors and windows, seek shelter immediately. SHELTER-IN-PLACE". Thats what the recording was saying over the speakers, echoing through post. The first thing I did was call my sons caretaker. Children are so innocent. He said "hi mom. i'm playing. love you. byeeeee". My heart smiled and I calmed down. An hour later, the barrier went down and I gunned it. AWAY FROM FORT HOOD. The portion of post were Jeremy goes to school stayed locked down until 9:30pm but he was safe, and happy.

You know what I hate. I hate cowards who bring guns onto our installation (firearms are prohibited on post)& attack those who clearly cant defend themsleves. I hate those that attack the VERY SAME PEOPLE who, had they been in harms way, would have put their own life on the line to save them. & finally, I hate those cowardly enough to turn the gun on themself afterward so that they dont have to deal with the turmoil they've caused. That's why I say this was a home field disadvantage. The victims of the Fort Hood shooting yesterday were defenseless. I dont want to hear about mental illness and PTSD. Stop making excuses for these people. Quite frankly, I call bullshit. Many of my comrades have PTSD and have NEVER done what this scum did. You should feel safe at home. On American soil. Surrounded by your brothers and sisters in arms. Our focus now will be to comfort one another, and rebuild that security.

God Bless America