Wednesday, June 4, 2014

An Apple a Day..

Updates are in order! First things, I've finished my first class since being back in school. Granted, it was Fine Art Appreciation, I got an A! It's a relief to know that I passed. Hopefully I can maintain a 4.0 GPA. In terms of work, time is winding down until I have to leave for Recruiter school. I took a Physical Training Test (timed push ups, sit ups & 2 mile run) and passed, so now I can reenlist and continue my career.

Now, about what this post is really about! My neighborhood is brown. Literally. All the houses are made of bricks in shades of browns and all the doors and garages vary from tan to brown. In true absoluteDoll fashion, it was my duty to change it! Here's what it looked like before:

Pretty much, it looked like every other house in the neighborhood. I made it my mission to have lush grash and better curb appeal. I planted flowers, fertilized the grass with Weed & Feed and watered it everyday. & after hours on Pinterest I decided to paint the front door. Picking a color is always the hardest, but I had an idea of the color I wanted so I settled on "Apple a Day" by Olympic. Its a self priming exterior paint. Originally, the siding, trim and door were all the same color. We taped off the hardware and painted directly over the existing paint.

Here's how that turned out:

Even though the door looked great, the house in general needed more. I had already decided to paint the garage door as well, and yesterday I took the plunge. I absolutely love the outcome! When I hit the corner I already know which house is mine and I'm elated. Here's the finished product:

Would you get a load of that grass! Who said you couldnt have green grass in Texas?! Although my water bill is $40 more, its well worth it. There are homes in my neighbood with in ground irrigation systems whose lawns are not nearly as nice! I'm so proud of it and so happy to share it with you guys! Hope you guys like!