Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"We go where you are.."

Today I got my first postpartum manicure and boy, did it feel great! I elected to keep my nails at their natural length, so no tips were added; just an acrylic overlay and some polish. I got a vibrant orange from OPI called "In my back pocket" as a base with the OPI Black Shatter on 2 nails on each hand. I absolutely love it! The bright color is definitely me:

Everyone loves my son, to include my nail technician Naomi! She spoils him so much. I know she'll be reading this sooner or later so Naomi, I hope you dont mind I stole this picture off of your Facebook, lol! Naomi is the owner/operator of NN's Nails in Weilerbach, Germany. If you'd like to see some of her AMAZING designs, click here or visit her Facebook fanpage here. Naomi does absolutely exceptional work so make sure you check her out!

Naomi's OPI wall of Greatness!

Naomi with Jeremy :)

After getting my nails done, Jeremy and I headed on-post to watch the "US ARMY Soldier Show". I expected it to be more of a high school talent show but boy did I get the surprise of a lifetime. All the performers are soldiers from different duty stations worldwide that work together to put on an amazing concert-like experience. Flash photography was forbidden, but I did manage to sneak a shot for you guys! Performances ranged from Bruno Mars & B.O.B to Lady Gaga. They left no genre of music unturned, from country to merengue. It was truly a great show! Jeremy and I sat up front with Command Sergeant Major Fahie and his family so we had the best seat in the house!

Jeremy wore his RL Polo sneakers today!