Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blah Blah

Blah blah, I’m rich. Blah blah, I’m cute. Blah blah, I’m married. Blah blah, I’m in the Army.. Hoe sit down! Talking all that shit “My grandfather is this, my grandmother is that..” What the fck have you done with YOUR life instead of lay down & tek man?! Chuuups.. I used to be like “Damn, this grl got her life together..” Then I got to know you. No job, wasn’t in school.. No car. Living with your mother. I was like WTF! Really?! And got the nerve to call me a parasite (you’re a burden to your family)..

Bitch sure can shop though! LoL, too bad you wasn’t spending your own money.. I could imagine the arguments ya’ll must have over $$$.. Like I remember the argument over the card.. Your “husband” tell you buy one thing with this credit card.. You went shopping.. Send everything to your cousin in TX cause they couldn’t ship to you in STX.. Turns out he’s a JR & it was his FATHER’s credit card! LMFAO! Priceless.. And to think I was trying help you formulate a plot to get your shit back.. $4,000?! LoL.. Good one! Had to tell the truth before they started an investigation & send your ass PRiSON for identity theft and credit card fraud..

Who you think you fooling with that 2 year old receipt?! LoL, isn’t that the receipts from the one Gucci purse you have?! When last you live GA?! I am NOT impressed. And when you and your mother get so close?! Lmfao! I happy for you though.. Because it was sad to see the way she used to treat you, even with me standing there. Like, c’mon everybody know me and my father’s wife don’t get along but at least she try and ACT civil around company.. And yeah bxtch, the Big Body on finance.. but I aint walking. The same car that take you to diff man house, the mall, the club & pick you up from the Airport numerous times. Next time we’ll take your car, k?! Wait, what it is you driving now grl?! The TL/TSX gone?! Lemme guess, probably a Bentley coupe now, or a Masserati.. You know you only fucks with the best.. Bwahahahaha! ^_^ Lemme drive, k?!

Now, I do remember your 1 Gucci bag, couple Coach purses & some shoes, but when you start wearing L.A.M.B, Giuseppe, & Louboutin?! I guess after we stop talking huh?! LoL.. Is that why your foot them so full of bunion and corns?! You know Louboutin run small right?! I understand you “gotta” look good but it aint healthy to keep your toes cooped & crunched up in them lil shoes! LoL, they might have to amputate your foot or something! Lmfao! And pls, go gather your mob for the day I touch down in Killa Kroix.. I’ll get back to you on the exact date I’ll be there so you can greet me at the Airport. You need the whole clan?! I’m only 5’5 140lbs! I feel FLATTERED! =D They do say that MUTT run in packs doe.. BiG DOGS stand alone! I rolling solo on this one! Go load your .9mm & get ready. If you would stop making references to me, I wouldn’t have to say nothing bout you. But it’s obvious that you have to stay updated on ALL my pages.. That’s why I kept em all public.. So you can get your daily fill. Then ppl wouldn’t email to tell me every time you mention me cause pls believe I have NO REASON to look @ shit you write.

I just wanna ask you one thing though, since you stationed in Ft Bragg now: How you get so much leave time?! What Army plan you on?! You active, huh?! Hmmmmn, can you hook me up with that?! Cause aint no fucking way in God’s green earth you in the United States Army & been home in Virginia Moorehead house for a year. Or were you stationed at MacDill AFB the entire time?! Lmfao! Now, your story change. You sitting at home in military housing not doing shit. Guess you couldn’t keep that lie up too much longer. For someone as bragging and boastful as you I refuse to believe you aint had not 1 picture in ACU’s.. Chuuuuuuups.. Bitch, I EARN the right to yell HOOAH & ARMY STRONG. I didn’t get chaptered. Don’t forget I was the one who picked you up from the airport when your ass didn’t make the cut. And to think you and Dre were the reasons I enlisted! Just funny to see that I made it and ya’ll didn’t.

I guess we see who’s the strongest out the 2. How bout you tell the truth once in a while, that would surprise me more. And pls believe I dont have shit that belong to you in my position. All that cheap shit is in the possession of Waste Management. Fucking stone (wouldnt even call that shit a diamond) fall out your ring! Lmfao.. Bitch think cause you lend me a shirt I aint gone say so?! Lmfao.. I remember we been in F21 & you was like "Lets go, I have something you can wear.." I'm all about saving $$$ boo! ^_^ So pls dont act like you do no service to fucking humanity. Remember when you kept the suitcase in my trunk cause your mother was putting you out so frequently?! Hahahahaha.. Bitch, my father got ppl living in his HOUSES (plural) rent free, I always have somewhere to go.. My mother has a 4 bedroom 3 btrm house in Catherine's Rest thats always open to me. We own that motherfucker! No project rats over here.. You musta thought they stopped making family after they made yours.. Chuuuups! Be real..

Ol talking bout my "fleamarket" purse that you was rockin // always in the passenger seat // sleep'n on my couch when your momma put you out // dirty dick suck'n // imaginary job having // spotty face // goofy knocked knee'd // buster ass BITCH! Lmfao! So pls sit down cause: Bitch, you messy! Bwahahahaha!