Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tel Aviv!!

Right when we were about to start PT this morning the Israeli's came & told us we had to leave base b/c they were doing some kind of testing. SO @ 5am we were changing into civilian clothes. I grabbed my swimsuit, towel, Pastry backpack along with my necessities (iPod & such) and hopped into the van. Staff Sergeant Breeland said we'd be going to Tel Aviv to kill the time.. Shit, I'm all for it. I took pix! Wanted you guys to see it, so here it is:

^I just thought it was cool how the guy was climbing the side of the buiding

^my AMAZiNG hot chocolate

^apple juice?! I think not..

^the Isrotel

^look @ the diff in quality in hotels..

^busted, i know! LoL.. I only had 3 mins to get ready...

^real island grl..

^i thought it was cute..

^Lmfao @ this poster in the mall!

^Ramos @ the front..

..and me at the back!

^cant wait for my day!

^graffiti in Israel..