Friday, July 17, 2009

My Life (emphasis on MY)

To be unhappy with my life right now would be very selfish and ungrateful of me. I have a wonderful husband, a secure job, my own transportation, a place to call my own and a great family backing me. My husband does everything for me, from cook to help me budget. I most def couldn’t ask for anyone better [especially with some of the super lame guys I used to date]. My husband’s loyal, funny, and generous and all mine! He literally treats me like his “Princess” (that’s his nickname for me) and for the most part I do act like a spoiled brat but I do def appreciate all he does. I wouldn’t trade him for the world! On March 3, 2009 somewhere around midday we got married and we promised each other that we’d always love and be there for each other, not because that’s what our vows said but because that’s what we truly want. I’ve loved him since day one.

My job in the Army isn’t hard, and being in the Army itself isn’t either. For the most part once you get through training (Basic & Advanced Individual Training) and keep in mind that the Army isn’t people yelling at you all the time it’s not bad. It is more than a job though. It’s a way of life. It has its way of weeding out the “shit bags”. Whether in training or in a line unit would you want your life to depend on someone incompetent?! Would you trust that person covering you in a fire fight?! That’s why the bond between service members is so strong. It’s because we have become FAMILY. Sometimes I feel more comfortable talking to my Battle [Buddy] than my actual best friend. They can def relate to anything I throw at them, you know?!

I’ve had my own car since I was 17. My name. No cosigner. Since my recent financial gains, I’ve been able to fix everything that was wrong with my 2002 Mazda 626 (which I affectionately call my “Big Body Mazda”). It’s never been in a collision so there’s no cosmetic damage. A few parts in the engine here and there and my car actually run like new =). I sit back and laugh at people who live in the past, talking about how I drive a “hoopty”. Since there’s nothing wrong with my car, I see no point in getting a new one right now. My husband is going to upgrade his ride when he gets back from Iraq but my car is my love! LoL, we’ve been through a lot together... And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I don’t miss my family per say, because I can still talk to them whenever I want to. I guess the freedom is good. If I did want to see them, they’re only a plane ticket away. Right now I’m concentrating on building my life with my husband. My family’s great, but I have a new family now, you know?! I also enjoy the fact that I’m stable enough that if my husband left and my family wasn’t there I’d survive. My husband def provides for me, but I like to look at it as us providing for each other. That’s what marriage is about, I guess. Being codependent on that other person; not being a burden on them or sucking them dry. You’re actually supporting each other. It’s like, I cook and you do the dishes. I do the laundry and you fold it… That’s what me and my husband are working towards on a day to day basis, because as my husband he is my provider and protector and as his wife I am his strength and backbone. Man, I love him… (^_^)