Sunday, July 19, 2009

Masada & Dead Sea trip

Masada and the Dead Sea was soooo much fun! Masada has an amazing history [which I dont wanna bore you with] but you should def google it! The Dead Sea was also a great time. Its literally so salty that you float.. and it burns your eyes and any cuts you have like no other! Well, here are the pictures, I know thats what you want to see:

Me & SPC Schwerdt

Me & PFC Ramos de Gracia

100 meters below sea level

On a ridge overlooking the Dead Sea

They mine the minerals out of the Dead Sea to make skin care products and what not..

The sona @ King Herod's palace at Masada

At the 2nd level of King Herod's palace at Masada

quick candid shot..

Me & the guys! Schwerdt & Ramos

Mrs Ritter... My OIC

417 meters below sea level!

we go wayyy back..

Ordered Fanta & got this nasty shit..

Before going swimming in the Dead Sea

My husband deserves the BEST! =)

& nothing less for myself..

These salt rocks form at the bottom of the Dead Sea.. I named mine "Salty" lol