Friday, July 31, 2009

25 Randon Things About Me:

  1. When I travel my BOB MARLEY blanket goes too..
  2. My legs itch when I run
  3. Alcohol doesnt appeal to me the way it used too
  4. My birthday is 2 days before my husbands
  5. I shop WAY too much
  6. I can count my "friends" on 1 hand
  7. I have a shoe fetish
  8. Stilletos are more comfortable than flats to me
  9. I cant cook so my husbad does
  10. My wedding set has Princess cut diamonds b/c I'm his Princess
  11. I've never dyed my hair. The sun & salt water does it for me
  12. My sisters & my dad are my ULTIMATE friends
  13. I ♥ my life the way it is. I wouldnt edit it if I could..
  14. Designers are overrated. Been there, done that
  15. My husband thinks I'm gorgeous in boxers and a wife beater. 10% of the time, I agree
  16. I cream myself when I see my husband in his military uniform (ACU's)
  17. I get lost in music/movies. They really inspire me
  18. My husband cant sleep without me snoring next to him, lol..
  19. I'm very confrontational. & outspoken. Problem?!
  20. Me, my mom, dad, uncle and husband all serve(d) in the US ARMY
  21. I dont wear make-up. I dont even know how to apply it. I dont own any either
  22. Not yet a model but I take a MEAN photo
  23. I hate dirty nails& shoes. The least you can do is clean them! Ugh..
  24. To know me is to love me. Dont love me?! Then you dont know me, Bitch.
  25. I believe BEAUTY is colorblind. Light skinned DOES NOT equal pretty.