Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 10th & 11th

I just thought that was really cool! CocaCola is really international..

I went to the beach yesterday.. Schwerdt got stung by a jellyfish:

That piture was taking before those brutal Israeli children stoned it to death! LoL, they hit it til it broke apart. Lot of pent up aggression if you ask me..

What I ate @ the beach.. That was ALL mine, lol!

Tried to "tan" my Hubby's initials into my legs.. Didnt work =(

The waitress/bartender @ the beach

So, theres Dominoes in Israel and they sell non kosher pizza! Yes!

Didnt bring any hair produts so I'm using straight conditioner! WTF was I thinking?! Ugh..

The exchange here is crazy! Its like 4 to 1, so 50 shekel is $12!