Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

I hope everyone's enjoying they're day! Because of the time diff, mines already over but I did have fun.. I went to the beach but the waves were out of control so we left and went to the pool. I took a couple pix:

I def dont leave home w/o my iPod, iPhone, and sour apple gum! I ♥ sour candy.. Srry for the delayed post.. Couldnt get the photos to load yesterday with the choppy iNet connection.. 4th of July is also my brothers b'day.. I didnt talk to him. Honestly, I didnt try. Countless b'days have went by & I havent heard from him so one more wouldnt hurt. I thought of a convo I had with my bestie Houston one day:

Me: ::looking threw his DVD's:: What movie is "TMNT"?!
Houston: sound it out
Me: tuh ment?!
Houston: :-/

I miss all my friends/family back home. I can literally count the amount of "friends" I have b/c I've learned that you cant just bring anyone into your life.. My friends have actualy turned into my family b/c of that reason. I'm secure with the amount of ppl I have in my little circle.
[wearing: SWiMSUiT & COVERUP: PilPel SHOES: Abercrombie & Fitch SUNNiES: Guess]