Saturday, August 1, 2009


  1. Hating hoes.. Criticism is one thing. When you only see the negative and not give props when they due you've crossed over from a critic to a hater.
  2. People who dont do what they say. Nuff said.
  3. Dead beat fathers. Fck you having kids for nigga?! Wrap it up! Ugh..
  4. Why you got a FRESH fit with 6 year old J's on?!Nigga you serious?! Fck outta hear with yo basic ass...
  5. So you gotta iPhone, PS3 and dem new J's but you aint got a whip?! Where they do dat at?! Betta take your lame ass to DRIVETIME quick fast and hurry!
  6. So you think you America's Next Top Model with them webcam pix, huh?! Bitch, invest in a digi-cam and upgrade them pussy squats to a real pose. Pls see TashVIModel if you need guidance.. & then change your screen name from Next Top Model or Model Chick. tyvm..
  7. Why you pregnant in club?! Somebody pls call child services on this hoe! or you JUST had a baby and back at it?! You aint missing shit. Turn on BET & jam to that, bxtch.
  8. So you shopping on Rodeo Drive but your kids looking like a K-Mart sale flyer?! You're a HORRiBLE excuse for a mother.
  9. No job, not in school but you in the club EVERY weekend?! You not a employee there. You trying to come up?! Lame.