Tuesday, August 18, 2009

let it out.

OMG! Give it a fckn rest. You say your done. Be done then. Cause I'm tired of you. Kiss my ass with all the "Holier than thou" bullshit b/c you aint shit. fck. Honestly, you care about me that much?! Your twitter is full of subliminals. always talking bout my car. the same car that you DEPENDED on cause you didnt have one. If you have so much $$$ and so much fam to depend on, why werent you driving us to the club?! 0_o My point exactly. So quit . Do you think anybody has ever looked at my pictures and went "OMG! Those were some fly shades you were wearing!" lol. Let me answer for you. NO. Half the pics you cant even see em. So get over yourself. They didnt make my pix. I did. Same thing with the monokini. So it would be GREATLY appreciated if you'd let that go. You holding on to this year old beef. Quoting shit from last year. You aint got nothing current?! My life is going well right now, if I do say so myself. & btw, in reference to my bracelet. I've had it for months. Its on sale NOW. It wasnt when my husband bought it. Would you like to see the e-mail confirmation?! That was a loser move. So you browse the clearance section of sites?! Wow. okay -no judgement- It was a $100 bracelet. I dont put a price to everything. My husband doesnt have to validate how much he loves me by buying crap (even though he does anyway). I'd still live at the end of the day w/o all the b/s he buys me. I'm cancelling this "beef". We will NEVER be friends b/c you are infact 2-faced, but we wont be enemies either. Dont assume that everything I blog/tweet about is in reference to you. You're not that important to me. Noone DM's you shit. Clearly, you read my timeline. Whatever. idc. Thats why its public. So that the WORLD can read it. I dont bite my tongue for anyone. This shit is petty. I cant believe it went on THIS long. wow. lol. Okay, I'm done venting. -dueces-