Sunday, August 9, 2009


So, I been seeing this phrase alot online. bitchassness. At first I was like "WTF this shit mean?!" Then I broke it down and analyzed that m/f'er like the scholar I am, lol. Bitchassness (to me) is defines the art of what comedian Lil Duval call a "basic bitch". Lil Duval has a philosophy. Model chick. Regular chick. Basic bitch.

-Model Chick- Simple. You're just eye candy. The chick niggas want to fck but not fck with. Yeah, your a "social butterfly" but other than that, your empty. No meaning.

-Regular Chick- This girl has flaws. She isnt perfect, but she's the girl you'll take home to your mother in heart beat. She has her priorities in order and she can make your house a home. Basic bitches often confuse themselves for regular chicks.

-Basic Bitch- This bitch defines bitchassness. These are the females you see in the club when their kids are at home hungry. All Gucci'd out but their phone bill is past due about 6 months. Shopping with their child support $$$ but aint bought nothing for their kids. Hold on, I got a couple pics of some basic bitches:

Ya'll probably like "Glen, you wrong for that" but them hoes know they fck'd up.. "Octo-mom" already had like 6 kids before & aint had no damn job. This where the fck my taxes going?! Pshhh, fck outta here wit yo basic ass. I aint even gone say nothing bout the other basic bitch. See where I be coming from?! Pure bitchassness. Oh, and when you sit there and collect a COMPILATION of someone else's pictures & take the time out of your "busy" day to create fake pages (i.e. Skettlez Galore on FB) you are INDEFINETELY a BASIC BITCH. How bout you do something productive with your time?! Maybe you could cross into the regular chick category at some point in your life..