Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yep, they hating..

Everyone knows I'm confrontational. If a bitch let me get up under her skin I'ma crawl as far under that m/f'er as I can. For the most part I dont do it intentionally, I speak my mind & then that causes a chain reaction. Like honestly, I LOVE THE ATTENTION. See, I'm what you call an "attention whore". I invade these bitches minds. :) I'm sure they sit around all day & think of ways to bring me down, but like I said 3 posts earlier cant NOBODY break me! I'm living the American dream right now.

I embrace the term "bitch". Not cause of none of that "B.eautiful I.ndividual T.aking C.harge of H.erself" bullshit. Because its what I get called when I've gotten to these females & the've ran out of shit. :) Next comes whore & slut. lol, Sometimes I wish these females would step their vocab game up. You a college student right?! Use some philosophical shit on me next, you lame. ^_^ Mane, I'm laughing so much I got asian eyes right now! My husband be like "Princess, let em talk".. Fck that! lol, He know who he married! I'MA BEAST! Naw, but seriously doe, I know where I stand. & for the most part its 4 steps ahead of the bitches thats competing with me. Cause while they popping out kids to keep the nigga that still want me or running up they credit to "out-do" what I've done me & my husband sit back & laugh @ em..