Thursday, August 6, 2009

-rolls eyes-

Not even 21 and I DEF possess the criteria to call myself a BOSS BITCH. The shit I been threw should have broke me but I wouldnt let it. I always rise above. They say when you hit the bottom there isnt no where else to go but up. I hit the bottom at the age of 3 when I lost my mom to ovarian cancer. Been rising ever since. Gotta check every month til the age of 18. Fck can bitches tell me bout life that I aint already seen?!

I ALWAYS bounce back. Been fly since I was rocking Osh-Kosh.. My father and sister always made sure of that. Never wanted for nothing and I dont beg no bitch for NADA. Show me the bitch that say I envy her and I'll hit her in her mouth for lying on me. Ask anybody whose known me for more than 2 months. I do what I want.

Frustrated bitches call me a hoe?! LMFAO! Nah bitch, this pussy got standards. Not just anybody got the chance to sniff my sweet flower, feel me?! I dont fck for possessions. If I wasnt feeling it, we wasnt doing it. Cant think of one nigga who aint call back after he got a sample doe! :) Bitches listening to Trina thinking they BAD cause they fck'd a nigga & then he took you to the mall. Psssh, just cause you "pretty" dont make you bad. What's your criteria?!

"You can buy rags and bags but Gucci dont sell swag" I could wear that "THANK YOU" bag from Wal-Mart and make it look like a million bucks. See, I aint the finest thing walking but cant no bitch convince me that I aint pretty. My self esteem so high it'll scare ya! I gotta glow about me even on a bad day. No need for make-up. I'm naturally gorgeous. And even though my hubby willing to drop a grip on whatever I ask for I can buy my own shit. Better yet, when he spend, I return it bless him with a gift too. Thats how he know he gotta real bitch. We in it together.

I coulda been a nasty bitch and empty his account on POiNTLESS shit but whats the point?! At the end of the dayI'm content enough with myself that I dont need unnecessary shit to validate. Designers are overrated. Been there, done that. Not saying I dont like nice shit. I ♥ it. I got my dad & sister to blame for that. They got me used to a certain lifestyle and I'll be damned if I dont maintain myself. I'll commit suicide before I fall off.

I'm only 5'5 and niggas keep asking me "Why dont you model?!" I be like "I aint got no place in my life for that right now." Maybe after this Army thing, I'll look into it. So death to the bitch that think she badder than me. Silly bitches, you CAN NOT break me, so why bother?!