Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More $$$ More PROBLEMS

I feel like I can ALWAYS find something to eat up my $$$. Like I previously stated, I shop ENTIRELY too much. At the end of the day, most of the time I'm like "What the fck did I buy?!" smh, Story of my life. I have a lot shit. What can I say?! I'm young. It isn't an excuse, but I use it anyway. Well, now that I'm married I definitely had to reanalyze my life. My spending doesn't just affect me anymore. We're a team. And there isn't an "I" in team (even though there's a me). I've learned just from living on my own that you should always be prepared. You never know when your alternator will go bad or you'll become ill & need to be hospitalized.
Shoes, electronics, clothes.. I was at a point where I used to shop to feel better. I remember my first Combatives tournament. When I lost, I spent like $600 w/ in 30 minutes. My husband (fiance at the time) had the "0_o" look on his face. Its a real addiction. Like drugs and gambling. Its like $$$ used to burns my pockets and I had to get it out of there as soon as I could. Now, I got like 3 accounts where I have my check distributed. I'm definitely not saying you shouldn't shop. Shit, we in a recession. But you should definitely have something to fall back on. There's absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself but what would you do if your job fired you and then you found out your Social Security fell threw and you no longer have a 401k. Might as well start picking out your cardboard box and what freeway you want to sleep under. It's good to have a lil something tucked away.
I remember when I felt like the more $$$ I made the better I'd feel or the less problems I'd have but with more $$$ comes a different set of problems. If you only made a certain amount & you could only afford chicken, the minute you make more its like "Fck chicken.. What that steak be like?!" Instead of continuing to eat chicken & pocket the difference. Well, I'm hear to tell you: RESIST! lol, keep eating chicken. Fck that, eat spam. Living outside your means is one of the most common problems in America today. Most divorces are because of money. Not because they didn't make enough. Because the funds weren't allocated to where they should have been. The first time I saw the pic below, I was like "I'd sleep comfortable then a motherfcker on that bed!" lol, what was your reaction?!