Sunday, August 16, 2009

Musically speaking.

Honestly, I mean who REALLY gives a shit if the music industry "inflates" an artist. I hate it when ppl say "He aint real." What makes him "real" though?! Does it REALLY matter to you that Rick Ross was a correction officer or that Plies attended college?! So because he worked in a prison your saying that he couldnt sell drugs?! Last time I checked CO's were ppl too. & they could be just as dirty as the next motherfxcker. I could care less what they do/did on their down time. I like the story that they sell in their rhymes. I mean, isnt that what music is all about?! Souljah Boy may not be as lyrical as Jay-Z but that is infact what makes him Souljah Boy. The nursery style rhymes he peddle appeals to us. Thats why we listen to him. We say we hate him but his song is stuck in our heads for hours. Obviously his gimmick is working. Accompany that with a dance and your an instant millionaire. Mr 17-5 (Young Jeezy) is the same way. They say there's no way he could have sold blow for the amounts he quoted but really, does that matter to you?! Honestly, I could care less. The shake dancers down at Magic City ATL dont mind either. As long as rappers keep making it rain they could rap about rainbows and plastic bunnies. Stop analyzing these rappers. Its a waste of time. If you truly dont like the product, Turn off the radio! lol