Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rambling, I guess..

- Why the NFL dont stop faking and leave Vick alone?! PETA need to suck a dick and sit in a corner somewhere. He served his time. Get over it.

- Lauren London know she too fckn pretty to be having Weezy's baby! Come on, ma! I still love you and your still beautiful though..

- When Chris Brown coming out with something else?! I miss him and I hope him and Rihanna get back together. They were the cutest [apart from Trina & K-Mart] ^_^

- Why does ANYBODY try and diss Eminem?! Dont they see he live for that shit?! Look what he did to Whitey Ford, Benzino, Ja Rule & DJ Lethal! Career be over after he done with you! Lmfao, poor Mariah. Never had a chance...

- Nicki Minaj nice but Trina's permanently in my ♥! :)

- Whats really good with bxtches trying to be Amber Rose & Cassie?! That shit aint for everybody.. Its working for Brook Lynn Carter. Solange: EPiC FAiL!

MY opinion so go head unbunch your panties. Take it how you want. I'll still breathe in the end..