Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family First

Today my unit hosted a family oriented fun day called Springfest. It was a gorgeous day out so we got Jeremy dressed in this Winnie the Pooh coveralls and took him out. By the way, today marks a week since my wonderful son arrived! Anyway, there was a dunk tank, bouncy castles, free food and even a chance for you to pie members of your Chain of Command in the face! I actually pied my First Sergeant in the face today (I don't go back to work for another 5 weeks anyway, lol)! Jeremy pretty much slept threw everything, but it was nice to be out the house. Once Springfest winded down, we decided to take Jeremy downtown for the rest of the day.

Wet Seal top & skirt . Frederick's of Hollywood sandals

"Mint Sorbet" toes