Thursday, May 26, 2011

Model Model

Today was ORGanization Day (ORG Day) for my unit. It's basically where all the Batteries (Companies) compete against each other in all types of sporting events (basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, IRON man). Hubby played in the basketball tournament for his company and even though they lost, Jeremy and I were right there on the sidelines cheering on. No photos of me, I really wasn't in a mood to be photographed today (although my hair looked FABULOUS). I'm still very sore from giving birth so sitting down all day did nothing for me. Eventually, I packed up Jeremy and went home.

My little model (my adorable son, Jeremy ❤) is so alert! I love snapping pictures of him. I try to capture everything he does, lol. Sue me, I'm a new mom. :) These are a couple of photos I snapped of him yesterday:

Today is also my little brother's 15th birthday. He's my right hand and even though I'm devastated that I couldn't be at home for his birthday, I know he'll have a great time. Here's a photo of me and him on Christmas Day 2010: